The End of Season Spring Detox & Cleanse!

10 Days: Reset Your Health & Feel Your Best. It's Time!

The Reset + Thrive Spring Detox & Cleanse was created from the belief that there is a simple solution to a custom cleanse path that is just right for you - fitting your unique needs and individual goals!

You’ll receive your detailed cleanse plans and instructions for selecting the one that is right for you, delicious recipes for before and during the cleanse, easy-to-follow shopping lists, facebook group support and so much more to help you through this transformational journey.

We can’t wait for you to feel more vibrant and energetic while learning simple ways to eat and live more healthfully.

Although it all starts with the Reset + Thrive Spring Detox & Cleanse, it doesn’t end there. This cleanse is designed to support positive, lasting diet and lifestyle changes way beyond your 10 days!

There is a full Prep Week worked into the schedule, so sign up about a week before you want to do your cleanse and you'll receive the information you need to get started!

Are you ready to eat better, feel better & lighten up?

If you want to lighten up, shed extra winter pounds, clean up your diet, feel more energetic, sleep better, and have less aches and pains, you're in the right place!

One of the best things you can do for optimal health in the spring is to help your body lighten up and clean out.  Getting rid of toxins, aligning with nature, and cleaning out the stagnant energy of winter so you can improve your immune system, your lymphatic system and support your liver can help you shed that extra winter weight and greatly improve your overall health.

Why it's important to cleanse in the springtime...

Honoring the change of seasons helps us realign with the pulse of Life and the energy of Nature.  Spring is the time when the Earth gives us cleansing herbs and bitter greens to help detox and clear the stagnant energy of winter. This cleanse is informed by Ayurveda, India's system of natural health and healing - a sister science to yoga - that encourages us to live in alignment with nature. It emphasizes the importance to create time and space for a Spring Detox to support the energy of this season and the natural processes of the body.

This will be a simple and manageable but effective cleanse suitable for all constitutions. This cleanse is designed to support positive, lasting diet and lifestyle changes that will stay with you well after the cleanse is complete. It has been well-tested and has helped hundreds of people change their lives for the better. Join us this spring!

This detox and cleanse can help you:

  • Lose those stubborn last 10 pounds and keep them off
  • Make lasting positive changes in your diet & lifestyle
  • Feel better in your body with less aches and pains
  • Uncover food intolerances
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Gain greater awareness regarding effects of foods
  • Learn simple ways to eat more healthfully
  • Feel more energetic, clear and vibrant
  • Heal, soothe and improve your digestive system
  • Support a healthy metabolism
  • Improve your energy and vitality
  • Purify your blood & detoxify your liver
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Help remove toxins from tissues of your body
  • Improve your immune system
  • Scavenge free radicals
  • Support in the regeneration of healthy cells
  • Infuse your body with antioxidants
  • Experience clear and vibrant skin
  • Balance your hormones
  • And so much more!

Get started with your Prep Week and Pre-Cleanse Recipes!


Here's What Some Reset+Thrive Cleansers Have To Say...

Meet Sally Clinton, Your Reset + Thrive Guide:

Your intrepid guide for the Spring Detox & Cleanse is Sally Clinton, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Transformational Health & Life Coach and Yoga Instructor who has traveled many miles in her own journey of healthy eating and living fueled by a deep passion for life and adventure on the plate and off.

Sally has guided hundreds of individuals in seasonal cleansing for over 10 years.  She designed this cleanse in the spirit of Ayurveda, which honors each person's unique constitution.  This cleanse is created to be customizable to the individual, so that it is balancing and healing for all.

Give your body the spring cleaning it deserves and join Sally on this adventure!

The Reset + Thrive Spring Detox & Cleanse Includes:

Detailed Cleanse Plans & Recipes

This cleanse is designed to support positive, lasting diet and lifestyle changes that will stay with you well after the cleanse is complete.  It is also customized to the individual, so it is sure to support optimal health for YOU.  Simple, healthy, delicious and easy, the Cleanse recipes will soon become some of your favorite go-to meals.


Preparatory Emails & Information

You will be well cared for as you are guided through a week of preparation before starting the full cleanse time period. We do it right, make it fun, and allow it to be easy as possible. No suffering and crazy crash dieting.  Proper preparation is a vital component of cleansing well and effectively.


Four Cleanse Tele-classes

Through four recorded tele-classes you access online or over the phone, we go through the cleanse packet information, cover questions and answers, and provide inspiration and support.  You can listen to these classes online, or download as an mp3 to enjoy where and when you are ready.


Email & Private Online Forum

Through a private online facebook group you'll get to connect with other cleansers on the self-guided journey, commiserate, share your highs and lows and feel the invaluable support of the cleanse community.  Sally and support staff pop into the facebook group regularly to keep you motivated and to answer your questions.  You are well supported throughout the process!


Incredible information, inspiration and support!

The entire cleanse experience is loaded with lots of information, resources, and inspiration to support you in allowing this experience to change your life for the better. Why wait?


BONUS! Foundations for Healthy Living Class

An informative and practical self-guided class that will help you understand the foundational concepts of Ayuverda, inspire you to new levels of self-care, improve digestion and give you an amazing foundation for a healthy life.

“With what I learned [from the Foundations class], especially about food effects, the course paid for itself already” ~ D.M.


Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Secure your spot today!



Four Cleanse Calls


1.   Prep Week Call

2.  Cleanse Plans & Instructions  (90 minutes)

3.  Cleanse Support Call

4.  Coming Out of the Cleanse Call


All classes are recorded and roughly one hour unless otherwise indicated.  You will be instructed when to listen to each call through your Self-Guided Cleanse emails.

Join Reset + Thrive Today :

New & Herb Support (New Cleansers + Experienced Cleansers who want Herb Support): $115  - Discount Covid 19 Rate! The cleanse rate includes all of the benefits of the full cleanse program PLUS the Bonus: Foundations for Healthy Living Class ($97 value).  With this option, we will touch base regarding the herbs you need, and I'll tell you what to order, or will have them ready for local participants.  Herbs run an additional $10-60 depending on what you need.

Basics (Experienced Cleansers): $85 - Discount Covid 19 Rate! The cleanse rate includes all of the benefits of the full cleanse program PLUS the Bonus: Foundations for Healthy Living Class ($97 value).  If you need herb support, please select the option above.

Give yourself the gift of great health. You are worth it!



"My stomach issues seem to be completely resolved.  I'm off of caffeine, at least for now, and have a ton more energy than I did two weeks ago.  I dropped 8 lbs., and feel motivated to adopt certain practices from the cleanse to keep me moving on a more healthful, lighter path.  It was so helpful to learn how to tune into how my body communicates when I'm actually hungry, and when I've had enough to eat.  I have been completely unconscious of that for a very long time.  Sally, thank you so much for your support and dedication to all of us during this cleanse! It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. " ~ K. G.

"I now feel more focused on what is important to me both physically and mentally.   Foods I thought I could not  do without no longer seem addictive.  Amazingly, in two short weeks I saw improvement in two medical conditions that have been chronic for almost ten years.  Although not resolved, I continue to practice many of Sally's teachings and expect to experience full resolution with time."  ~ B.M.

"I felt so much lighter and much less sluggish while [doing the cleanse]. Longer term, I have not had any indoor allergies since doing the cleanse, even after several months. I used to have chronic indoor allergies and have tested extremely high in sensitivity to dust mites, causing lots of stuffiness, phlegm, and sneezing frequently in the mornings...During the cleanse, I noticed that my head and sinuses felt clearer, and since then I have not experienced my usual indoor allergies. It used to be the case that I absolutely had to sleep with a window open, even in the middle of winter, or else I would wake up sneezing....following the cleanse, this was not necessary, and it has been wonderful not to be sneezing so often!  Many, many thanks, Sally, for this rich experience and for your support. You've given me many valuable tools that I hope to put to use gradually over the long term, and I look forward to doing another cleanse to help solidify the awareness and lessons I've gained through this process."

~ Jen T., Director of Annual Giving, GSA

"It was so amazing, and so much more than I ever expected or hoped it would be.  It was transformative.  Thank you Sally for a wonderful, life-affirming experience. I feel so grateful to you and the group.  You are the best!" ~ R.L.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for leading such a wonderful experience. You had everything perfectly planned, well-thought out, which made the whole experience very special and nurturing."  ~  H.S.

Get started right away with your Pre-Cleanse Guidebook and Recipes!


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